ode an irgendwas

Doreen – Fifty Sven by   / via YouTube


Über parcelpanic

"life is a journey – not a destination"
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8 Antworten zu ode an irgendwas

  1. Jolie schreibt:

    Hihi, Gangster Kabarett 🙂

    • parcelpanic schreibt:

      the german answer to the „New Kids“?
      check the Channel. some are fun, other are… (looking for words)

      good morning, btw 😉

      • Jolie schreibt:

        They are way better than New Kids! and IF it is also a Parodie on aaaaaaaaaaaaaall these kids doing *gähn* „we are all against the society“-raps *yawn* (imitating each-other without creating anything NEW) i would say: they’re brilliant!! 🙂

      • Jolie schreibt:

        P.S. Good morning 2u2 😉 If it is your cat in the Panoramio-pictures, give him/her something extra for …..(dutch/Belgium) Dierendag! 8) 😉

  2. parcelpanic schreibt:

    hallo Jolie,

    that cat belongs the the one i am living with. to tell the truth: the cat and i don`t really like each other.

    but i`ll try treat it like a friend, today. 😉

    • Jolie schreibt:

      Hihi Jason, it is probably a male cat: they don’t like Boyfriends 🙂 Zip (and the Cat I had before Zip) had that too: „Who brought this guy in? Where is his coat? Scarf? Laptop-bag? So I can p… on it!“ He is 12 now and he still only listens to me 😉

  3. parcelpanic schreibt:

    i´m deeply sure this little devil knows, when he is doing s.th. stupid. coming home it just needs a look at him, to know if he had his „fun“.
    it`s not just another one new in the house. we moved two to one as my girlfriends kids moved to other cities to study. so, it was me who took his old home, the kids and „mama“ 😉

    yes, he is a male, strike! this little white beeing must be something around 15 and i know him for ten years now. time is playing against him 8)

  4. Jolie schreibt:

    Yes, they know… As if they think: „Puke, and Run!“ „Wait, let’s see if she steps into it…. Yes, Yes Yes! She stepped in the puke! Let’s run NOW!“ Well, actually that is more our young female cat. Zip leaves the house fast, or tries to cover it 8)
    15 is verrrry old for a male cat, i am told, you both took very good care of him 😉

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