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heute ist einer dieser tage, an denen man etwa 1500 wörter tippt, aber mindestens die selbe zahl wieder löscht.und tippt… und löscht…

am ende habe ich mich für ein video entschieden. es könnte interpretiert das sagen, was ich ausdrücken wollte.

vielleicht…  😉

Moby – In This World by   / via YouTube


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"life is a journey – not a destination"
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9 Antworten zu kein post

  1. Jolie schreibt:

    Sehr schöne Video-clip!

    (Was the message, ‚in our lives of hurry, we might miss the little extraordinary events that might have made the world more special‘? Aber vielleicht gibt es mehr interpretierungen 🙂 )

    Have a nice day!

    • parcelpanic schreibt:

      hallo Jolie,

      ein wirkliches schönes video, ja! auch die musik ist nicht zu verachten. 😉 Moby ist für mich ein ausnahmekünstler, sein stil passt schwer in eine schublade.

      dir ein schönes wochenende!

      p.s.: another great one of this cartoon-vids.

      Moby – Mistake

      und: ja. Deine interpretation ist nah dran.

      • Jolie schreibt:

        Wauw! it is beautiful!! And heartbreaking, you can feel the heartache when listening to the music… (if i would listen to it several times it would send tears to my eyes)

        It sounds like somewhere in between Lou Reed, Joy Division and Bowie, but… Different 🙂

  2. parcelpanic schreibt:

    oh,… yes. your description is closer than any one i got words for 😉

    there are a lot of other vids for this tune. great pics and unbeliveble cuts. but this one fits the most, when i listen to the music and myself…

    have an nice start on Monday. Germany will be celebrating „something“ and i hope to get some nice pics from it. i`d like some dark clouds over the Rathaus, just before getting in 8)

    • Jolie schreibt:

      Thnx 🙂
      I am happy the clip has a happy ending 😉 They did a very clever job with all these tiny Photo’s that are tiny animations.. Probably made in Flash, a hell of a job (it looks to me)!

      Speaking of your Pictures, did you get my messages (1 through YT and 1 through Panoramio) about your Panoramio-Photo? I could not find your email-adress anywhere (my Blog does not require an email-adress, I made a mistake doing so 8) )

      According to the Weather report, there will be a Bright Sunny Day tomorrow in Germany – you’d have to Photoshop these clouds into the pictures I’am afraid 😉 😉

  3. parcelpanic schreibt:

    Photo-what? do you use such progs? i`m to stupid to work with. i could make some paper-clouds, glowed on a stick… 8)

    yes, if i check, i get messages on YT… i don`t know what Panoramio did with your mail.

    [edit: pp 2011-10-04-01:43]

  4. Jolie schreibt:

    Haha L.O.L. My Photo’s are not as perfect as yours, so Ähm, yes, i use Photoshop, since 1993, so i do not even vacuumclean anymore when I take a picture: i simply wipe the Brotkrumen with Ph’shop 😉
    Im Ernst: i sent you an email, so if the Spammers start bothering you, you can take the address away 🙂

  5. parcelpanic schreibt:

    BrotKrummenKorrektion? sounds like a great upcoming feature! next big thing would be a correction for pet hairs on clothes. or a software to change the partner in a pic…

    still a lot of work! 😉

  6. Jolie schreibt:

    Indeed, a great feature!
    L.O.L., the fun (well.. ;-}) is, you can do that already, see this Adobe-video and.. the first comment under the video 😉 8)

    (I NEVER change faces though, that makes people look plastic and fake; you can’t apply for a job with a portraitphoto that is altered, i would say :-))

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